Build Explosive Strength For Football

Getting fit for football isn’t just about running around a pitch - use this circuit of drills, adapted from SAQ Football by Alan Pearson, after a thorough warm-up, to build explosive strength and muscle-up your game. 

Get explosive acceleration 

Acceleration is key for any player - build this and give your core strength a boost with Seated Forward Get Ups. Start sitting on the ground, then in one smooth movement rise up and into a sprint for nine metres. Make sure your first steps are short and powerful but that you don’t overstride or pause between getting up and starting to run. Slow down and jog back to reset. Repeat for three sets of five reps with a two-minute rest between sets.

Tune explosive reactions 

Work with a partner to develop hair-trigger reaction speed, and get to the ball first, with Ball Drops. Ask your partner to hold a ball at arm’s length, then shift his position and drop it with random timing - it’s your job to sprint forwards and catch the ball before the second bounce. Do three sets of ten reps with a two-minute rest (you can drop the ball for your partner as part of the rest.)

Build explosive height 

Win the battle in the air by using Drop Jumps to maximise your vertical jump height and explosive posterior chain strength. Stand on a box 40-90cm off the ground, then jump up and off the box to land on the balls of both feet, before going straight into an explosive acceleration for five metres. Repeat for two sets of ten reps with a three-minute rest in between.

Train an explosive throw

Get a medicine ball and stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the ball in both hands, raise it straight above your head and then drive the ball down into the ground for a Ball Slam, keeping your arms straight so that your back and shoulder muscles do the work. Repeat for three sets of ten reps with 60 seconds rest between sets.

Advice is for information only and should not replace medical care or recommendations. Please check with your GP before embarking on exercise or nutrition regimes for the first time.