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Double Dragon Organic Green Tea

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  • High quality green tea, with minimal processing
  • High catechin content
  • 100% organic; Ecocert certified

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The benefits of organic green tea are widely known. Take your green tea to another level by choosing Double Dragon's high quality pure green tea which has been prepared with the minimum processing. Made from the leaves of the tea bushes in China's Fujian Province (one of the nation's principle tea-producing areas) and grown without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilisers. Tea plants here benefit from fertile soil, a mild climate, abundant rainfall and dense mountain mists. Unlike regular black tea which is picked, dried then left to ferment, green tea is allowed to gently wither after picking and then rolled so the nutrients remain intact. Presented here in tea bag form for your convenience.
Values Per Serving: Energy 5.92kcal Protein 0.684g Fat 0.046g Carbohydrate 0.694g Sodium 0.564mg
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100% ORGANIC GREEN TEA. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.



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