Five Fitness Trends You Need to Know About

What’s that? You’re not tracking your SUP position with your SatSleeve+ before taking a bit HiiT? If not then you’re just so 2015. Get up to date quicker than you say High Intensity Interval Training with the trends that are set to dominate the health and fitness landscape this year.

1. An Apple A Day

For 2016 the ACSM is touting the influence of the newly released Apple Watch® to take the wearable technology activity trackers like those from Garmin, Jawbone and Fitbit to the next level. Lookout too for the SatSleeve+ is the ultimate tech gadget for endurance athletes, explorers and adventurers – it clips onto a phone like a clip on cover, turning it in one simple move, from a smart phone into a satellite phone that works in the world’s most remote areas.

2.Being Part Of The Resistance

Bodyweight-based workouts came second in the ACSM forecast of trends for 2016 too. So what’s leading the resurgence? According to Sean Bartram, US trainer at and author of Bodyweight Workouts for Men (DK) it’s making exercising a whole lot easier. “If you’re intimidated by the gym, or you’re ultra-busy with work, travelling frequently or just fed up watching that guy constantly doing bicep curls on the gym’s squat rack, then calisthenics (bodyweight training) is the easiest way to build lean muscle, increase your performance and lost body fat.”

3.Take A HiiT

Last year’s number one trend of choice among trainers, high-intensity interval training or HIIT as it’s known to its exhausted friends, is still ranked highly among those whose methods must deliver results. Typically HIIT involves short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by a short period of rest or recovery. It’s not for everyone though. “High intensity training for sprint and Olympic distance athletes is key,” explains James Beckinsale, Olympic Coach “But endurance athletes should look at energy expenditure as on a weekly basis not just the next session, smash yourself on Sunday on a 5hr ride it may take you until Wednesday to recovery properly.”

4.What SUP?

US sports enthusiast group the Outdoor Foundation report a three-fold increase in the numbers of men and women participating in Stand-Up Paddling (SUP. In barely four years it’s accrued 3 million regular participants – making it one of the fastest growing outdoor sports, a fact being mirrored in the UK too. Whether that’s got anything to do with the flooding or not we can’t say, but according to Danny Duncan, of water sports firm Elemental UK SUP is the most upcoming sport globally. “It’s amazing for your core stability and burns loads of calories in a low-impact way,” says Duncan. “It’s extremely popular with both men and women because it’s so adaptable and sociable – and SUP can be done at relative speed or at a more leisurely pace to explore calmer creeks and coves.”

5.Strong Arm Tactics

It’s not just the new ACSM forecast for 2016 that rates Strength Training in its top trends. A survey of New Year’s Resolutions for 2016 by Global research for Jabra reveals that more than 40% of people are resolving to make their bodies stronger and fitter in 2016 - rather than opting for more traditional resolutions of just focusing on weight loss.

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