About Met-Rx

"Met-Rx" is a trade mark or registered trade mark used in the UK by Health & Diet Centres Limited. Health & Diet Centres Limited was acquired by Holland & Barrett International Limited in 2003. We are a specialist retailer of sports nutrition products; including vitamins, minerals, herbals and other speciality supplements, diet and energy products.

We want to help our customers choose the products that best suit their exact requirements. Whether it is a single supplement or a complex nutritional programme, our store teams are always on hand to give the information and advice the customer needs.

Our aim is to improve the quality of people's lives through better nutrition and healthy living. We understand that every single person is unique and has different needs and desires. Sports nutrition is a big part of our brand, and whatever their fitness level, we will have the right products and advice for all our customers.

About Holland & Barrett International Limited

Holland & Barrett International Limited is part of the NBTY, Inc. group - the world's leading nutritional supplements' manufacturer.

Holland & Barrett International Limited also comprises more than 700 Holland & Barrett stores (hollandandbarrett.com), including over 40 stores in the Republic of Ireland (hollandandbarrett.ie) and we are a familiar sight across nearly every town and city within the UK and Ireland with new outlets opening all the time.

We have over 140 Holland & Barrett B.V. stores (detuinen.nl) in the Netherlands, which sell health foods, vitamins, minerals, nutritional and herbal supplements and lifestyle products.

Our internet sites are full of our products and latest offers.