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Phd Greens Ph-7 Powder

Product Code: 60014132

  • A blend of 22 greens & fruit extracts
  • Great for juicing, smoothies and adding to protein shakes
  • Ideal for those who don't have enough fruit and vegetables in their diet

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With the increasing interest in alkaline rich foods, in order to offset the acid-rich diets often eaten by strength athletes (meat, eggs and dairy), fruits and vegetables are becoming ever more important to the health conscious athlete seeking progress in the gym. The reality of ensuring we each eat enough green vegetables and super fruit extracts on a daily basis, to assist with the lowering of blood acidity, is often a tricky one. In the modern world, the reality of carrying boxes of steamed vegetables and fruit around in your gym or work bag can be a daunting, tasteless and often unrealistic one, which is why PhD recognised the need for Greens pH-7. Greens pH-7 really is an athlete-friendly all-in one super food powder, taking the confusion, hassle and the complexity out of your vegetable, fruit and super food choices. As athletes, we rarely get too little protein in our diet, but this is only half of the big picture. Do we all get enough greens?

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Spirulina (24.46%), Soy lecithin, Apple Fibre (6.35%), Barley Grass, Wheat grass (6.35%), Oat fibre, Alfalfa grass (5.29%), Chlorella (4.15%), Soya sprout, Acerola Berry (2.1%), Stevia, Red Beetroot, Pomegranate (.69%), Ginseng, Carrot, Tomato (.34%), Astragalus root, Spinach leaf, Broccoli, Gingko Biloba, Green tea leaf, Grape seed, Elderberry (.7%), Blueberry (.7%), Flavouring


Add 1 scoop (1 scoop = 11g) into 250ml of water, juice or protein drink of your choice and shake for ten seconds. Greens pH-7 can also be sprinkled onto food.

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