Stretching Out The Fight

Scott Quigg may have suffered a points defeat against Carl Frampton last month but the Mancunian has vowed to come back stronger than ever. Here’re the moves Quigg has been using to revamp his reach and get flexible for his return.

“Scott Quigg told us that a lot of fighters don't know how to stretch properly,” Matt Garcia Founder & CEO of training gym reveals. It formed part of the motivation for Garcia and his team to develop BoxingYoga – a series of drills designed to build better boxers which Quigg himself has been trying.

“We created BoxingYoga to help our fighters with their overall performance and health.,” explains Garcia. “We counter-stretch key areas like the chest, arms and legs to improve flexibility, mobility, speed and prevent injury. The core is worked on throughout to improve power and strength. Breath is a key focus for energy management and we bring awareness to posture and body alignment to improve technique.”

BoxingYoga is now being recommended by fighters such as Quigg and Prizefighter Champ Yassine Elmaachi along with performance coaches in other sports including the Saracens Rugby Club. 

Away from the sparring ring and the BoxingYoga session Quigg’s training  for the big fight will have been focused on ensuring he has the fuel in the tank to go the distance if needs be.

“Depending on how close they are to the bout, boxers will be hitting the streets with plenty of road work,” adds Garcia. “As everyone knows, running is a key ingredient in building stamina, working the lungs, maintaining leg strength and a strong heart and blood flow. It promotes healthy breathing techniques and focuses the mind.”

“Another key area is rope work - essential for stamina but also rhythm and footwork. You can't work your feet too much and hitting the rope promotes working from the balls of the feet and drilling the calves - essential for mobility in the ring and with less impact on the joints than running.”

Core work is essential for boxers too and the BoxingYoga sessions ensure that fighters give it the focus it needs. BoxingYoga moves include:

The Lunge Jab: “It’s a deep stretch which lengthens the hamstrings, strengthen the quads, back and core while increasing the range of movement in the spine through a twisting motion.”

The Reverse Lunge Cross: “This works on balance, core strength and co-ordination and involves extending the lead leg as you lunge and the extending the opposite arm forward in one motion and increasing the range by twisting the spine.”

The Open Lunge: “A flow movement that opens the chest up and increases mobility in the shoulders.”

The Plank Crunch: “Designed to strengthen and stabilize the whole body as well as improving kinetic chain control and balance.”

The Canvas Core Stretch: “Stretches out the abs, shoulders, hip flexors and increases spinal flexibility.”

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