What’s In Your Locker: Amir Khan

  1. Recovery Shake - a quick shake after a workout keeps my muscles fresh and my body working at peak performance 24/7. An all-in-one like MaxiNutrition Cyclone gives me everything I need to recover, while readying myself for the next gruelling session.
  2. Wrist Straps - a good pair of boxing straps keeps your wrists supported, but also gives you time to get in the zone before a big session. I’ve found that wearing wrist straps gives me extra confidence during my workout as I know I have that extra stability, which allows me to push myself to the limit.
  3. Headphones – arguably the most important piece of equipment in my locker. I love being able to zone out in the gym and listen to my favourite playlists. I have my own personal Spotify playlist, which I listen to each and every time when I’m going through my sparing warm ups and shadow boxing.
  4. Body wash – some of the sessions that I am put through by my trainers are brutal, and I get drenched in sweat. I’m always having to shower in the gym so a body wash is an essential, post-workout.
  5. Resistance Bands – these are a brilliant tool for the gym. During my warm ups, resistance bands are used an awful lot for stretching, which is crucial to prevent injury. I also use them to do some additional strength training without the need of lifting heavy weights.
  6. Hair gel – safe to say I’m not always looking my best after a gruelling session. This is why hair gel is another must-have in my gym locker, to sharpen up before shooting off to meet media.
  7. Banana - we all know the importance of your 5-a-day and I always make sure I pack a banana or two in my gym bag. I’ll have one before the workout and one in a break to make sure I have enough energy.
  8. MaxiNutrition FuelMax Gels – these are a brilliant source of energy and also high in caffeine which increases my alertness. You’ve got to make sure you’re with it while sparing or you can easily get KO’d…
  9. Water Bottle – I think I have had the same water bottle for about 5 years now, which doesn’t leave the gym! It’s definitely my most used item because staying hydrated is so important.
  10. Photos – I’ve always kept a few photos in my locker. I have photos of my parents, my wife and my daughter. These photos remind me of what is really important in life. I want to provide the best quality of life possible to my family so looking at these photos gives me the determination to train to my max every day in the gym and get back to being a world champ!

Amir Khan is a www.maxinutrition.com ambassador.